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Michelangelo Project

We’re going to beautify the Black Horse Pike with a spectacular array of Dogwood trees!  Imagine coming home from work in the fall with the beautiful pink and white trees blooming from Route 42 to Williamstown on both sides of the Pike. It’s going to be an amazing sight! Uplifting all the residents and bringing a smile to your children’s faces. 

We are going to raise the frequency in Washington Township for all to feel.  Our township is the pearl of South Jersey, and we’re going to strut our stuff for all to see. 

We have been calling landlords on the Pike with vacant buildings and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

The cost of a 10’ dogwood tree is $100, and for a minimal investment, these landlords have agreed to plant trees using local Township landscapers. 

Let’s keep the money in the township! This is going to bring wild economic prosperity to local businesses without costing taxpayers a penny.

Dogwood trees grow a foot per year and bloom in the fall with beautiful pink and white flowers. People will drive from all over the state to see this spectacle. 

However, it just doesn’t stop with the beautiful pink and white blooming trees. On December 1st we’re going to light these trees up with Christmas lights. Can you imagine how beautiful the drive up and down the pike will be? 

And landlords have agreed to make this minimal investment and line the Pike with twinkling multi-colored Christmas lights on their trees.

This will be an amazing sight to see and again, not costing taxpayers of penny.

If there are landlords that can’t afford this project, I have agreed to donate the my mayoral salary to help.

My name is William O’Hanlon and I want to be your mayor!